Beat the Breakdown was established to foster the conversation about mental health and suicide within our daily exchanges. At this time, it is imperative to raise awareness on how each individual can make an impact in this space. We have the ability to work together, showing compassion, understanding and empathy in assisting those in our community that are vulnerable and in need of help.

Moving forward Beat the Breakdown is determined to make a bigger contribution to eradicating Suicide as a major health issue globally. This couldn’t be achieved without the generous support of our Corporate Partners and supporters. As a community we can work together to achieve the eradication of suicide as a major health issue globally. To do that, we must Beat the Breakdown!

2019 Event

Location: Doltone House Darling Island Wharf

Date: 13th September 2019, 6:30pm

Dress: ‘Spring Ball’

Ticket Sales: Launch May 8th, 5pm. 


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Cumulative Total of Funds Raised

$ 71276
Total raised in three years

Beat the Breakdown has been working to raise much needed funds to eradicate suicide as a major health issue within Australia and globally since 2017. The inaugural Spring Ball, hosted by Beat the Breakdown has enabled a total of $238,000 to be raised over 3 years for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


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